Risky birds habit of building nests on electricity poles 

Hundreds of marabou stock species of birds that are lying dead along Hola- Masalani road, allegedly from electric shock, are becoming an environmental and health hazard to area residents.

The birds build their nests on Kenya Power Company electricity pole tops, at times causing power blackouts and many of them reportedly end up suffering electric shock from live wires and die, thus littering the road with their carcasses, resulting in foul smell.

When interviewed, the officer- in- charge, Hola power substation Mr. Joseph Silas told Kenya News Agency that the Kenya power Company officials would destroy the nests on the pole tops to discourage the birds from settling, hence reduce the challenge.

The bird’s presence, according to the ishaqbini conservancy manager Mr. Ahmed sheikh, is enhanced by the proximity of ishaqbin conservancy in Ijara constituency, which has about 75 bird species.

He said they are migrating from their habitats following the recent bombing by the military, to chase militia from the forest, adding they are heading to inshaqbini constituency in Kotile division of Ijara sub-County.

Mr. Ahmed explained the nests on Kenya power pole tops are therefore temporary as the birds are expected to move on soon.

Besides the 75 bird species, he said, the conservancy is also home to hilora, giraffes, hyenas, lions and several types of snakes including cobra and other animals.

Mr Ahmed said the conservancy is guarded by rangers funded by the Northland Rangeland Trust (NRT) headquartered in isiolo County.



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