Rotary Club takes lead in providing for the vulnerable 

Rotary Club members in Meru County have embarked on reaching out for more partners to participate in meeting the basic needs of the vulnerable children and adults in the region.

Speaking on behalf of the members after a meeting in Meru town, Father Francis Gaciata said the club had already taken the responsibility of partnering with like-minded people and organizations to widen the scope of donations in various forms to take care of children and adults living in town streets and with nowhere to call home.

Father Gaciata said although some of the beneficiaries of the charity work had already been placed in government and private institutions, their stay was no longer guaranteed following the new law where the government demands that all vulnerable people be reintegrated back to the family and community set up.

The Priest said reintegration of the beneficiaries was a major challenge, adding that some family members and the community at large were very reluctant in accepting street families and the mentally challenged citing the time and money required to cater for their numerous and special human needs.

He appealed to leaders of the next national and county government to consider establishing a kitty for the vulnerable people across the country, saying the number of children and adults streaming into town streets was increasing at a very high rate due to family and community disintegration.

Father Gaciata however, reiterated that the Rotary Club members in Meru County were committed to working in close relation with government, community and religious leaders to ensure the public moral compass was reinstated and focused on human socio-economic development and growth for people of all walks of life.

The Priest also urged the electorate to not only pray for peace before, during and after the August 9th general election but to take authority and place committed and able politicians in the available leadership positions.

He said more often than not politicians focus more on uniting and dividing the people to gain political mileage, adding that the most unfortunate truth was that the electorate falls into the temptation of not tolerating and antagonizing each other based on the political, religious and to some extent tribal affiliations.



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