Security agencies in Embu arrest robbery suspects and confiscate firearm and 12 rounds of ammunition

Security agencies in Embu on Tuesday arrested two robbery suspects and confiscated a gun with 12 rounds of ammunition and a pair of handcuffs in their abode in Siakago Town in Mbeere North Sub-county.

Assorted items including crude weapons, electronic goods, mobile phones as well as household items were also recovered from the suspects house during the raid.

Detectives believe the duo, a young male and female, are linked to various criminal activities across the county including, armed robberies, housebreaking and burglary.

County Commissioner Eddyson Nyale said the arrest followed a tipoff from members of the public in the area who got suspicious of the dealings of the young man who is a known serial thug who has been in and out of court many times over criminal activities.

He implored members of public to continue sharing information with regard to acts of criminalities in the areas with security organs to stem the vice.

The CC said the firearm, ammunition and handcuffs will be subjected to forensic investigation to establish their origin. He said the suspects who are in police custody are assisting detectives with investigations and will in due course be arraigned before court.

Nyale also called on Embu residents whose items may have recently been stolen to make their way to Embu West Police Station to identify them.



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