Sh. 396.16 million released for Beneficiaries of Inua Jamii Cash transfer in Murang’a

The government has released Sh. 396.16 million to beneficiaries registered under the Inua Jamii cash transfer programme in Murang’a County.

The County Director of Social Services Ms Esther Maina has noted that those registered in the programme started receiving their stipend for four months from May 5.

Each of the beneficiaries, she added, is supposed to get a total of Sh. 8,000 covering months of November, December, January and February.

“We expect all the beneficiaries to get their money within a short period of time so as to cushion them from financial challenges,” Maina told KNA in her office today.

From the amount, Sh. 338.06 million is supposed to go for older persons. Murang’a has 42,258 registered aged people registered in the programme.

“Another sh. 6.9 million will be paid to 863 persons living with severe disabilities and Sh. 51.2 million will go to orphans and vulnerable children,” she added.

The director further said currently the payment is easy because all the beneficiaries have opened bank accounts.

“We concluded opening bank accounts for all beneficiaries. The beneficiaries were given a chance to choose banks which will ensure they will easily access their funds. Five commercial banks are contracted by the ministry to do the payments.

“With bank accounts, the beneficiaries, especially the aged, can access their money at bank agents in rural areas instead of traveling to big trading centres,” Maina further explained.

The director further noted that they have also changed caregivers of some of the beneficiaries who requested for the change.

“Some aged people complained of mischief from their caregivers and requested for change and we concluded the process with assistance from chiefs,” she added.

The director warned the caregivers to ensure the beneficiaries get all their money and use it prudently.

“We have also been counseling and training the beneficiaries on how to prudently spend the stipend. The money is supposed to help them get food and medication among other expenses,” Maina added.

Meanwhile Maina said they have cleaned the register to remove beneficiaries who passed on saying previously relatives and caregivers failed to report the demise of a beneficiary.

“With a bank account, it is now easy to note when a beneficiary passes on. There before, it was hard as relatives failed to report to us when one died. The government is also in process of recruiting new beneficiaries which I assume will be in the next financial year,” she remarked.



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