Solve land issues through legal means, residents told

Keiyo North deputy County Commissioner Julius Maiyo has urged residents to seek alternative ways of solving land disputes instead of taking the law into their hands.

Maiyo was speaking in Katalel sublocation following the killing of a man by his brother over a land dispute.

The administrator said the government has created many avenues of solving land issues adding those who don’t want to follow the court process have the option of going to elders or national government through the chiefs.

“Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms are fully recognized by the government and therefore we should use them instead of resorting to unnecessary killings,” Maiyo said.

He lamented that land disputes are rampant in the area and pleaded with residents to guard against land feuds degenerating into fatalities saying children are left suffering when such incidences occur.

According to the DCC, the brothers have been feuding for a while over a piece of land.

He said on Wednesday afternoon, the younger of the two Hillary Kipkogei went to his brother James Kipchumba’s house and they started quarelling.

Kipchumba went into his house and came out with a panga which he used to slash his brother to death.

The DCC regretted the indifference by the neighbours saying the brothers fought for over 30 minutes before the killing but none of the villagers went to separate them.

He added that according to reports one of them was abusing drugs which may have escalated the incident and called on chiefs and their assistants to be vigilant in fighting the illicit drugs menace.



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