Stakeholders to champion social change among pastoralists

Community Disease Reporters (CDRs) and Village Administrators drawn from Turkana Central and Loima Sub-counties have unanimously resolved to sensitize members of the public and leaders to embrace modern practices that will improve livestock productivity.

The teams also resolved to organize public sensitization meetings with key kraal and community leaders in a bid to educate them on benefits of the aggregated channels for easy of doing business.

According to Dr. Jane Akal from the veterinary services, it is high time Turkana Community gradually stops traditional practices and embrace modern practices in milk handling and preservation, disease control and feeding livestock for greater yields.

“We will continue training CDRs, Administrators and empower them to train pastoralist communities on improved feeding techniques, supplementary feed production using locally available materials,” Dr. Akal said.

Sarah Nakusi of Livestock Market Systems says the partnership between the County Government and her Organization would continue conducting the training until all the pastoralist communities are able to demonstrate an accurate understanding of Social Behaviour Change (SBC).

Additionally, Nakusi says the SBC training would benefit pastoralists on a variety of available communication channels in accessing livestock markets.

The resolve comes seven days after a selected team was trained as Trainer of trainees (TOTs) in Lokichar to undertake subsequent trainings.

The ToTs drawn from livestock department and Communications will carry out similar trainings across all the counties in an effort to focus on changing the behavior of individuals and communities and their social norms.

The training is jointly organized by Turkana County Government and Livestock Market Systems.



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