Suneka traders decry stalled market project

Suneka small-scale traders in Bonchari Constituency have decried a stalled market project that has forced them to conduct their businesses in deplorable conditions, leading to low income generation.

Speaking to the press in Suneka, a trader at the market, Divinah Nyamao stated that they have waited for ten years for the project to be completed and opened for business, saying the county government promised to complete the project last year but to date it is still incomplete.

“We ask the county government to fast track the completion of this market so that we can do business in a conducive environment just like traders in other sub-counties,” complained Nyamao.

Nyamao noted that when it rains, women traders at the market use polythene to cover their goods to protect themselves from the rain and when it is hot, they use the same to protect themselves from the scorching sun.

Alice Nyang’arisa, another trader, stated that a pile of garbage at the market was endangering their health while conducting their business, adding that the building was actually acting as a livestock shed.

“We do business under the scorching sun and count losses when it rains because our goods get destroyed. We carry our goods back to our houses because there are no stores. There are no toilets at this market as well,” added Nyang’arisa.

James Oroo, a trader and resident of Bonchari, said ten years was a long period to wait for the modern market, noting that there is a need to complete the construction of the market fast and enable them to do business without challenges.

“Leaders have given us false promises that they will finish up the construction. The building has become a cowshed and a garbage dumpsite. We ask the county government to move with speed and complete the construction so that we can do our business in a conducive environment,” reiterated Oroo.



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