Tanzanian Authorities on the Spot for unlawfully holding a Kenyan Journalist

A family in Narok County is appealing to the Kenyan government to help arbitrate for the release of their kin who has been detained in Tanzania for three weeks now.

Mr Julius ole Kuyioni allegedly went to Tanzania to preach, but was arrested and remain in police custody though he had all the required travel documents according to his family. Mr Kuyoini formerly worked as a reporter for Mayian FM’s.

His brother, Moses Kuyioni states that the journalists cum preacher went to the neighbouring country through the Olposimoru border and was arrested by the Tanzanian authorities over allegations that he had toured the country to incite the Tanzanian Maasai against their government.

“Kuyioni has been in a police station in Arusha since then and is yet to be charged contrary to the law,” Moses added.

Meanwhile, Maa leaders led by Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku and Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina have urged the Tanzanian Authorities to release Kuyioni immediately and unconditionally.

“Justice Systems all over the world dictate that a person cannot be held in police custody for a certain period of time without either being released or being charged in a competent court of law,” said Lenku.

Lenku added that Kuyioni’s rights were being violated as he has not been proved to have committed any offense that warrants his continued stay behind bars in a foreign country.

“I call upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to urgently intervene on the fate of this innocent Kenyan whose only crime was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ,” added Lenku

On his part, Ledama ole Kina urged the Tanzanian authorities to release the preacher immediately or charge him in a court of law.

Kuyioni’s family which has been camping in Arusha since the arrest of their kin, maintains that he was attending the annual pastors’ conference in Tanzania, which he has been doing for the last five years and wasn’t going to incite the Tanzanian Maasai against their government as alleged by the Tanzanian Authorities.



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