The business community in Bungoma want a conducive working environment for growth

As the country prepares for the General election in August this year, the business community in Bungoma town has urged whoever wins the gubernatorial seat to help revive ailing businesses by creating a favorable business environment.

In an interview with KNA in Bungoma town, the team led by Doreen Andiri explained how hard business has become after the country was reopened following the Coronavirus lock-down period therefore pleading with the incoming government to look their way.

They said business has been going down by the day due to the high cost of living and the county government should lower the license cost to boost business.

“On the contrary, the license price was increased in December last year creating a difficult business environment,” she said

They said the increase in business licenses led to the increase in the price of commodities in order for traders to cope with the increased which in turn somehow pushed away customers with lower purchasing power, leading to dropping sales.

Andiri explained that many people who lost their jobs during the Covid 19 pandemic opted for business but they could not manage to carry on due to the unbearable business environment.

The fluctuation in the prices of fuel in the last three months has also been linked to the hard business environment.

When the national government increased the county allocation funds by 53.3 billion in the 2021\2022 Financial Year, traders expected a more favorable business environment.

Traders hoped to receive loans with low taxation, license prices to be reduced and conditions for business permits revisited. However, nothing positive was witnessed.

They have therefore urged the department of economic planning to reconsider their strategies in the next financial year.

According to them, a favorable business environment for a county government means better wages for workers, increased revenue collection and increased flow of money.



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