Uhuru Kenyatta Primary School unveiled in Garsen

It was a collective relief to teachers, students, and parents of Taif village in Garsen constituency who constantly faced attacks by wildlife while going to school, as the government registered a primary school built by KenGen.

Learners from Taif village used to walk more than two kilometres to Galini Primary School, passing through is a forest inhabited by wild animals.

The school named after President Uhuru Kenyatta started as mud classrooms built by women after floods wreaked havoc in their village in 2019. They elected to name the school Uhuru to celebrate President Kenyatta’s ten-year leadership.

When the families relocated after the floods, they donated money and built a mud school before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the parents solicited donors and the foundation was laid.

“These people settled here because of the floods, we have come to celebrate the school started by the parents,’’ said Garsen MP Ali Wario Guyo in Taif village.

The MP accompanied by Tana Delta Sub-County DCC John Kipsiwa, Director of Education Feisal Obo and TSC director Bute Shomboro also presented a certificate of registration to Dalu Secondary School.

The Garsen MP promised to set aside funds for the construction of a fence around the school for the safety of the children and two classrooms and an administration block.

“We have started six secondary schools, Hurara, Hashaka, Dalu, Kipini girls, Kipawa, and the sixth one is Jurasa which has not started in Assa,’’ Guyo said.

DCC John Kipsiwa urged parents to take their children to school not to leave classrooms to be ruined, and not to marry them off at an early age or engage them in child labour.

“Giving a certificate is one thing, going to school is another. We still have one hundred children who have not gone to school, what are the children are doing at home? The government policy is 100 per cent transition,” said the DCC.

Garsen constituency now has 73 public primary schools but seven schools are still grappling with land ownership issues and have thus not been registered.



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