Vihiga County to fast-track provision of Clean Safe Water

The County Government of Vihiga has embarked on a mission of implementing water projects in the area.

Governor Wilber Ottichilo, says his Administration is aiming at availing clean and safe water to 70 percent of the residents in the next two years.

Ottichilo said the people have in the past been using water from unprotected wells, which posed a threat to their health.

The Governor said this while commissioning the Buhani water project in Mungoma Ward in Vihiga Sub-county on Tuesday.

The water generation system has a 105,000-litre reservoir stationed in North Maragoli hills from where the water moves by gravity to reach the residents.

Another such project was commissioned last month in Ipali Ward of Emuhaya Sub-county that has connected about 100 households to piped water.

The environment and climate change Chief Officer, Dr. Richard Boiyo, appealed to the local community to safeguard the water point against vandalism for the common good.

Boiyo said his Department has established a legal framework for mitigating the adverse effects of climate change through the enactment of the County climate change Act.

“The Act among other things allows the County government to involve the people in the climate change mitigation practices, such as tree planting and protection of wetlands,” he stated.



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