Women empowerment key to societal progress, crusader

The Government should continue empowering women economically at the grassroots level because they play pivotal roles in family progress and cohesion.

Lugari Sub-County Women Empowerment crusader, Ms. Priscilla Ayacko, while speaking in Lumakanda, yesterday, said women bear much burden in child upbringing, which calls for more attention from the State and non-State actors.

Ayacko regretted that some men have neglected their parental responsibilities, leaving women with the burden of feeding and educating the children.

“I know some men have neglected their parental responsibilities, while others have resorted to heavy alcohol drinking,” she said.

Ayacko exuded that there will be more development and family stability, if women are economically empowered, especially those doing small business for instance mama mboga and those engaged in kitchen gardening.

“We have seen families which have successfully educated their children and are now living decent lives because the mother was empowered,” mama maendeleo revealed.

However, she praised the government for continued support of women through the Women Enterprise Fund and several other women funding programs, that have had a powerful economic impact in Kenyan families.

Ayacko called for more training of women in remote villages, while being empowered on the best ways of utilising their available resources, to shape their lives.

She noted that women in remote villages lack information on the existence of such women funds, which can open their fortunes and transform their lives.

Ayacko admitted that there has been progressive positive change in women’s economic, political and social development compared to yester years.

Overtime, she noted, women have continued to occupy influential positions in government and politics, which were formerly male dominated.

“I admit that women now occupy top positions that were formerly male dominated,” she said.

Ayacko further called on the electorates to consider electing women who are seeking different political positions during August 9th General Election, because they have demonstrated their ability.

She revealed that Kenya Constitutional requirement of One Third Gender rule has opened space for women in all circles.

Ayacko besought people who still believe that women can’t be elected to political positions, to change their hardline positions and embrace women as key players in development.



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