Women representative candidate decries insecurity and cultural bias in race

Turkana County United Democratic Alliance (UDA) woman representative candidate Cecilia Ngitit has blamed insecurity for hindering her campaign team from accessing all corners of the county.

Ngitit fondly referred as Ishuu by her supporters, said “insecurity remains a threat to our campaigns as women. There are very many vote rich areas that are insecure hence not accessible.”

Ngitit who is among the few women who have ventured into elective politics says although progress has been made in terms of women participation in elective politics, culture does not favour women.

“My community has not yet accepted and embraced the woman leadership…in my community; leadership is a reserve for men,” she said.

The sitting county woman MP Joyce Emmanikor will be vying for the Turkana central MP seat in the August general election. Emanikor will be seeking to succeed John Lodepe who is vying for the governorship on UDA ticket.

Other candidates for woman MP seat are Jubilees Susan Aletia, ODMs Leah Lokala and Independent candidate Pauline Lokuruka.

Ngitit says key in her manifesto is education, economic development to build a self-reliant society, maximizing benefits of partnerships with various partners.

“On the education agenda, a deliberate move to restore the hopes of school dropouts is in place, encouragement to join TVETs to attain technical and employable skills is key,” she says.

She says she is seeking to serve her people by venturing in politics. “Inclusivity approach in my leadership is a strength that boosts a sense of belonging of our people and they will own the entire process. I wanted to have an opportunity to alleviate the suffering of my people even if not entirely but to any admirable levels within my ability,” she says.

She is banking on her knowledge and experience in both public and private sectors to benefit the electorate.

Asked about her perception on whether politics is a dirty game, Ngitit agrees. “Yes, politics is a dirty game only if you decide to play dirty. If all the players choose to play descent politics and set good rules of the game then the dirty politics will have no chance. In my own opinion, it is the political players that choose to make politics ‘dirty’ but they also have the power to make it a clean game,” she avers.

She believes it is time that women are given an opportunity to lead. “What a man can do a woman can do better! A society that empowers women is definitely an empowered society,” she says.



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