Young people urged to embrace culture and heritage

Young people across the country have been urged to value their respective local cultures and heritage in order to benefit them and future generations.

Speaking on Wednesday at Kabarnet National Museums grounds during the Baringo celebrations to mark International Museum Day, County Director for Culture Wycliffe Maritim noted with concern that the widening cultural gap between elderly people and the current generation is very worrying.

Maritim observed that only few youth and children were able to communicate effectively using their local dialect, an issue he blamed on lack of a systematic transfer of cultural knowledge to them.

He said much focus nowadays was on modern technology and lifestyle which in turn has hampered development of young people to recognize and appreciate their art and culture as well as valuable norms and traditions.

“I am urging parents and the elderly to create some time to teach their children about culture because it is very important in their life,” he said.

Maritim, who presided over the celebrations largely attended by students from local institutions, noted that culture is an area whose benefits were far and wide especially in traditional arts, music and beadwork which were highly paying.

Kabarnet National Museum curator Lilian Amwanda on her part called on communities to be proud of their traditional cultures and natural resources.

Amwanda stated that the facility plays a crucial role of being the custodian of community’s rich cultures and heritage.

In the commemorative occasion celebrated under the theme “Power of Museum,” Ms Amwanda urged residents to make it a habit of visiting such places to understand and get knowledge of their past.

Kenya Forest Service (KFS) Management and Advisory officer Elphas Wesonga underscored the need to maintain and preserve cultures, traditions and natural assets so as to attract local and foreign visitors.

Wesonga stated that Baringo was unique because it has so many resources, which if properly exploited, would go a long way in improving the livelihoods of local neighbouring communities.

At the same time, he urged residents to grow more trees especially indigenous species during this rainy season to conserve and protect the environment and animal habitat.



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