Youth development policy being prepared in Nakuru

The Nakuru county government in collaboration with young Cities and ‘Youth Bila Noma’ is in the process of developing a youth development policy, which will be translated into braille and involve sign language interpreters to enhance the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The Chairman of the ‘Youth Bila Noma’ Mohammed Munyi said a youth development policy was vital for the sustainability of youth programs and for the development of empowerment strategies in order to attract viable and workable budget support from county governments. He was speaking Friday at a workshop held in a Nakuru hotel.

Munyi said the ‘Youth Bila Noma’ group which was launched in 2019 was a vibrant and innovative youth-led organization working on the frontlines of prevention of urban violence and community cohesion in Nakuru city.

He added, that the group was supported by an innovative grant from the Strong Cities Network, which has enabled them to reach at-risk youth to mentor them and provide critical life skills to access socio-economic opportunities and reject the path to violence and radicalization.

He commended governor Lee Kinyanjui for the tremendous effort to empower the youth through the provision of tools for trade, credit to start small and medium enterprises, and training for capacity building.

Munyi assured the residents that the ‘Youth Bila Noma’ group will be at the forefront of ensuring that the August 9 general elections will be held peacefully in the county and endeavour to influence other youths countrywide through social media.

Also, he said the youth were the future of society, and it was important for them to be involved in decision-making, especially on issues that concern them instead of being used as rubber stamps for resolutions made by others.



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