Youth in Siaya protest over rising insecurity

Siaya has in recent times been plagued by an increasing number of incidents of insecurity, the pushing youths to take up placards to the streets of Siaya town in demonstration.

Cases of murders, rape and robberies have been reportedly steadily rising in the county and according to the community organizations such as Siaya Muungano network who took part in the demonstrations, the cases have reached intolerable levels forcing them to demand action from the concerned authorities.

The demonstrators made their way to the Siaya County Commissioner’s office in Siaya Town where they demanded an audience with security authorities to address their grievances.

Siaya Deputy County Commissioner Enock Nyarango speaking on the matter challenged the residents to come forward in good time to provide the police with information stating that this was the best way to curb the incidents before they happen.

“My appeal to you is that you volunteer information, let us not wait for the incidents to occur then we start debating when somebody has lost their lives, the government which we represent here in Siaya is for the security of property and human lives” said Nyarango.

In a recent case that occurred last month, April 2022, a 14 year old schoolboy was murdered and the body discovered dumped at a Boda Boda stage in the outskirts of Siaya town, according to police reports the cause of death was preliminarily stated as strangulation using a piece of cloth and his limbs were bound by the same ropes.

The residents from Siaya in their protest for enhanced security in Siaya say that there has been inadequate implementation of policies, and institutional and operational reforms in the criminal justice system which is a major concern for the citizens of Siaya and more particularly to the civil societies.

“My assurance on behalf of the Chairman of the county security committee is that everything will be done. It is a challenge for us to put in our efforts and I promise you that the government will work much closely with you,” added the Deputy County Commissioner.

Alego Usonga sub-county police commander Charles Odhiambo said that police patrols have been increased within Siaya Central Business District to ensure security and peace day and night.

“We are working very hard to eliminate all those evil practices here in Siaya, so let us just be in collaboration and work together,” said Odhiambo.

The residents together with Civil Societies say that the incidents are not only worrying but a cause of mental health distress to many families in Siaya County and discouraging to present and potential investors in the county.



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