200 VTC students to benefit from free Education

At least 200 students from Uriri Sub County in Migori will benefit from free education once the new Uriri Vocational Training College (VTC) opens its doors in September.

Speaking during the ushering in of the new Principal, Nyanza Regional Director of Technical, Vocational Education and Training Institutions Tom Olang’o said that the first 200 students to enroll in September will learn for free.

Olang’o said that the Institution which seats on 15 acres had a capacity to enroll 1,500 learners and urged local residents to enroll their children to further their education and improve the living standards of the area.

Olang’o emphasised that apart from providing learners with knowledge and skills the institution will offer both direct and indirect job opportunities to the local residents.

He said that the Ministry of Education will accord and give support to the institution to ensure that it grows to become a centre of excellence.

“My wish is to see that this institution grows to become a bigger institution. I also believe that 80 percent of the support and non-teaching staff will be employed from the local community,” said Olang’o.

The new Principal of the Institution , Jared Ogot encouraged area residents to enroll their children at the Institute so that they can benefit from the courses offered .

He said that the institution has been brought near and there was no reason why the locals should not enroll their children.

Ogot noted that the institution will enroll students in three levels that include artisan which consists of mainly class eight dropouts, certificate and diploma students.

He said that the institution will provide technical and business courses but assured the locals that they will expand to other modules as time goes by.

Area Member of Parliament Mark Nyamita lauded the new principal and promised to give priority in terms of bursaries to students that will enroll in the institution if re-elected.

The MP called upon the area MCAs to do the same to ensure that the institution gets enough students to benefit from the courses offered and the proximity of learning.

The legislature said that the county and national governments will soon implement and launch the TVET App to train vocational trainers on a digital platform.

He also added that the institution will be financed to start daily farming from the expansive land allocated so that it can generate more income to sustain itself.



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