5000 enlist for Kazi Mtaani in Siaya

Over 5,600 youths in Siaya County have been recruited in the third phase of the Kazi mtaani programme that will run between June and August area County Commissioner Mr Jim Njoka has revealed.

Among those recruited in the programme are 191 supervisors charged with the responsibility of ensuring that manual work by the youth is effectively done to improve the hygiene and environmental standards in the county.

Speaking during the launch of the programme in Bondo, Njoka stated those recruited will undertake manual jobs across all the 30 wards in Siaya County for the next three months.

“For Bondo Sub County, 1128 youth and 36 supervisors will ensure work is done in all the six wards. I want to urge the supervisors to take charge and give direction to the youth who have been recruited for the job to improve hygiene and environmental standards in our county” Njoka said.

“Phase one and two of the kazi mtaani programme was mainly concentrated in urban and peri-urban centers but phase three of the programme will be done in villages. I expect to see work done in villages and those involved should not concentrate in urban centers alone” he added

He revealed that the youth in the programme will be engaged in tree planting, town beatification, garbage collection and unclogging of drainages among other jobs where they will be paid stipend to empower them economically.

“This is a government program which was conceived to cushion the youth against ravages of COVID 19 where many jobs were lost and businesses collapsed. Phase three will empower the youth as they make efforts to bounce back in the aftermath of COVID 19,” the county commissioner said.

According to some of the beneficiaries, the Kazi Mtaani programme has enabled them set up businesses and even enroll in colleges besides supporting their parents financially.

Patrick Aduong’a and Judith Atieno who are both a supervisors in the programme say they have observed remarkable change in the attitude among youths involved in the exercise and asked the government to ensure continuity of the program so that the youths have do not engage in criminal activities.

Moleen Juma who has been engaged in the programme as a laborer commended the commitment of the youth especially the females for embracing the program and turning up in large numbers for recruitment.

Ms. Juma disclosed that out of the stipend she earned in phase one and two she has been able to support her parents financially and pay part of her collage fee thanking the government for the initiative targeting the youth.

Phase one and two programs of Kazi mtaani program was undertaken by the government in 2021 where the youths recruited earned a stipend of shs 450 a day for a period of six months.



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