A Bomet man charged for sharing intimate images on Facebook with his lover 

A 52-year-old man was charged before a Bomet court for allegedly sharing his explicit and intimate content on social media with his partner without her knowledge.

The accused, Mr George Mungo (not his real name) who appeared before principal magistrate Lilian Kiniale is accused of posting obscene content on a Facebook page by the name Kericho Renaissance Group and Singorwet group using his Facebook account on adverse dates between December 29th 2021 and February 5, 2022.

The prosecution informed the court that the accused person asked the complaint whose name was withheld Sh 50,000 threatening to leak the images if she wouldn’t give in to his demands.

The court heard that the accused person shared this content without the complainant’s permission after she refused to give in to his demands.

The court further heard that this was not the first time the accused person has shared such content as he was embroiled with other women for sharing their images and extorting them for monetary gain.

Sharing of private and obscene images is considered a crime against the penal code contrary to section 37 of the computer and cyber -crimes act.

The accused however pleaded not guilty to all charges before him and was released on a bond of Sh 50,000 or a cash bail of Sh 30,000.



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