A woman, Two Children, Perish in Night Fire

Police in Nyahururu are investigating a fire incident at Maina village on the outskirts of Nyahururu town that has left a woman and two children dead, with scores homeless.

Area Chief Joseph Muraya, confirmed that Rebecca Nyiha, 40, perished alongside the two children aged four and three, after the fire gutted down the one-roomed rental house they were sleeping in, on Tuesday night.

According to witnesses, the 2 am inferno started at the room where the three were sleeping, razing down six other rooms in the timber house.

“I was awakened by intense heat only to notice that a section of the house was on fire, I managed to rescue my family before breaking in to rescue one of the children.

“I was however blown away by the fire, and was unable to pull her out,” sobbed Dennis Kariuki, while displaying the burns he suffered on his back as a result.

The cause of the fire is yet to be established, with the residents suspecting a candle that the family used to light up the house as cause of the fire.

“The woman was a visitor in the house and seem to be drunk at the time of the incident. Though we heard the cries early enough, we could not respond in time as it is difficult to navigate the informal settlement alone at night. The area is also known for drunkards who scream aimlessly at night, with cases of domestic squabbles characterizing the night,” added Jane Munyeki, whose timber house is adjacent to the plot.

The residents while lauding the county government of Laikipia for containing the fire before it could spread to neighboring plots, urged the administration to deploy a fire engine to the village that has witnessed a series of fires and disasters, including attacks by wild animals.

“We need a hotline number that we can call anytime in times of crisis. The government has set aside funds for emergencies and it is up to us to follow up and ensure prudent use in acquiring resources to mitigate disaster,” said Jane Wangu, vying for Igwamiti ward MCA.

Gitau Ndichu, regretted the fire incident calling on the administrators to form disaster management committees to help residents.



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