AAK launches campaign to address the role of architects

The Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) has launched two campaigns, aimed at educating the public, on the need to involve architects when undertaking construction works.

The two campaigns named ‘The Kenya We Want’ and ‘Je Una Mjengo’ themed ‘Relevance of Architects in attaining Decent and Healthy Homes’ are geared towards climate justice, sustainable urban growth, improved business environments and mass rapid transit and non-motorized transport.

Speaking during the Architects’ Chapter CPD Seminar Programme and launch of the two campaigns on Tuesday held at a Nairobi Hotel, the President of the Architectural Association of Kenya, Wilson Mugambi, stated that climate is a priority issue globally, that the incoming government should focus on.

“Considering the construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses, the incoming government should advocate for adopting green building solutions in all upcoming developments,” said Mugambi.

He added that Kenya has the potential to increase the percentage of sustainable buildings, reducing waste of energy, water and providing healthier environment and more productive citizens.

Mugambi urged members of the Association to make right choices during the forthcoming General Elections and elect candidates who have the potential to make transformative change that will have a positive impact on the urbanization of this country in an efficient and sustainable manner.

“We need steadfast leadership to improve the business climate and accelerate the recovery of the construction sector which is major contributor to the Gross Domestic Product of this country and provides employment of millions of people,” he stated.

“Lack of proper communication channels, inadequate technical capacity at the county and government level and corruption due to system failure are some of the challenges that build environment professionals face,” said Mugambi.

He further noted that cases of collapsing buildings are a clear indicator that the county governments have not hired and retained adequate and properly qualified staff to manage developments within their jurisdictions.

The President also called upon the county governments to ensure that urban areas are established and managed according to the provisions of the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2019.



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