Administrators in Mlolongo hold security meeting with boda boda riders

Local Administrators in Mlolongo in collaboration with the DCI and OCS held a Security meeting with the boda boda fraternity at Katani Road junction along Mombasa road in Mlolongo Machakos County to enhance security and register the riders in line with the new government policy.

The agenda of the meeting was registration of boda boda riders, profiling of all boda stages and operators in each stage while observing the traffic rules and avoiding the transportation of contraband and stolen goods.

Speaking during the meeting on Wednesday, Mlolongo Assistant County Commissioner Dennis Ongaga warned the riders against hooliganism and contraband transportation that has been going on at various stages in Mlolongo

Ongaga, who chaired the meeting urged them to make sure they know what they were carrying, know the owner of the package and get a receipt before agreeing to transport it.

“I am urging the riders to be on the lookout for transportation of contraband, stolen goods and harmful drugs. Some riders are used by criminals to carry illicit drugs and they should make sure they know what they are carrying, the owner of the package and get a receipt before transportation,” said Ongaga.

He insisted that they should all register their motor bike taxis at the DCC office in Athi River Sub County before the deadline on June 24 so that they would be safe during crackdown and so as to get documentation that would make it easier to transport different goods.

Ongaga added that the riders must follow traffic rules and regulations to avoid accidents and causing loss of lives.

He observed that the boda boda operators’ first instinct upon seeing an accident was to attack motorists and cause mob justice even before the accident is investigated.

“There are some riders who have cases of hooliganism and poor etiquette. They attack motorists who are involved in accidents, beat them up without knowing what caused the accident nor waiting for police to solve the issue while throwing insults at customers,” lamented Ongaga.

He pointed out that the security meeting was crucial because they also found out there were riders who were being used by land grabbers to fight and demolish squatters’ houses without court orders saying such goons would soon be facing the law.

David Kilonzo the Acting Chief Mlolongo Location said they have had resolutions and come to an agreement with the riders to leave demolitions and evictions to the police and not get involved.

He added that the riders also agreed that they would not be misused by politicians to cause chaos during the political period.

“We have talked to the boda boda riders in Mlolongo and they have agreed to follow the traffic rules, improve on their etiquette, stop demolishing structures without court order and avoid being used by politicians to cause chaos during the electioneering period and maintain peace,” said Chief Kilonzo.

Kilonzo added that for one to be allowed to work and register in any Mlolongo stage, they must have a letter from the chief and a certificate of good conduct to enhance security in the area.

He told the meeting attended by over 600 riders that new entrants would not be allowed at the Syokimau stage because it has maximum capacity for boda boda operators.

The Chairman of Bodaboda in Mlolongo and Syokimau Alex Mutuku said they were facing challenges in boda boda theft that is increasing in the area yet the bodas have a tracking device.

He said since January this year, they have lost over 30 motor bikes which have not been recovered.

He said it was worrying them because the owners of the motorcycles, who give them on loan, could be involved in the theft since they are tracking them and know where they are.

“We request the DCI to help us because we suspect there is a connection between the owners of the tracking company and the missing motorcycles. It is strange that they cannot track the boda bodas when they are stolen but they can track it when they are coming to claim their loans,” said the Bodaboda Chairman.



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