An aspiring senator pleads for political co-existence

Meru county residents have been urged to critically interrogate and analyse the development score cards of all political aspirants against the campaign utterances they were making before making a choice ahead of the August general elections.

Speaking during his vote hunting campaign tours in Buuri, North and Central Imenti constituencies, an aspirant for the Meru senatorial seat on a UDA ticket, Kathuri Murungi said there was no opportunity for any non-performer to hide under the cover of a political party, however popular it may be.

Kathuri who is the incumbent South Imenti Member of Parliament, said all players involved in the preparation and management of the August general elections had clearly defined and vital responsibilities of ensuring national peace and security was fully safeguarded from any form of disruption long after August 9.

He said political co-existence and tolerance formed the basis of national cohesion and stability, saying normal life was bound to continue during the campaigns, the actual voting and after the polls.

The incumbent legislator said aspirants at all levels had an obligation to lead from the front to be able to guide their supporters on the need to respect the opinion of their competitors.

He observed that the Kenyan electorate would only be convinced to vote on the basis of whether the aspirant was able to articulate on what was in store for implementation once they were elected into office.

“The electorate is interested in what programs or initiatives a leader has towards improving the larger community livelihoods and not empty rhetoric,” Kathuri said.

Kathuri said his two terms development scorecard as South Imenti Member of Parliament was the driving force behind his move to vie for the senatorial seat, saying he would be able to successfully represent the Meru people at a higher level of leadership with an expanded coverage.

“I am pleading with my fellow aspirants that we all endeavour to hunt for votes from the electorate in a peaceful, mature and civilized manner without inciting them into any form of acrimony, since it is not a matter of life and death for any one of us,” Kathuri said.

On South Imenti politics, Kathuri said he had no moral or political standing and authority to endorse anybody as his successor, since he was sure the constituents were in charge and had the ability to make the best choice of their next member of parliament.

He dismissed claims being made by some of his competitors that he had preferred candidates among those vying for various seats at all levels, and assured the larger Meru County residents that was ready and committed to mobilizing all elected leaders as Meru senator after the general elections into a united team spirit to foster development.



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