Aspirants promise to prioritize completion of Ukia-Emali Road

Aspirants for the Makueni Constituency Members of Parliament seat have promised to follow up the completion of Ukia-Emali Road if elected to parliament on August 9 general elections.

Speaking together during Makueni Constituency candidates’ debate on Monday afternoon at a vernacular local radio station Mbaitu FM, the seven candidates noted that the road will help farmers to access markets for their produce besides spurring development in the area.

Ukia-Emali Road links Makueni with Kaiti and Kibwezi West constituencies and major towns of Emali and Oloitoktok in Kajado County is under Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA).

The 41.5 Km road is tarmacked in phases where the first 6 KM from Emali-Ndundune shopping centre was started in 2020 by Tevene Enterprises Limited at cost of Sh 120,288,468 million.

The section of the road was expected to be completed by October 2021 and other subsections to follow were at 35.4% in June last month. Wiper candidate Suzanne Kiamba said over 75 per cent of Makueni residents are farmers who depend on the road to transport their farm produce to the market.

“Our farmers and businessmen highly depend on Emali-Ukia Road, I will follow up the construction of that road from the National Government immediately after I assume the office,” Kiamba said.

Kiamba added that she ensures that the residents benefit from Thwake dam water which has been a perennial problem in the area.

UDA candidate Stanley Kyungu reiterated that the road has taken a long time to be completed and has caused damages to farmers due to poor road adding that he will make sure the road is completed in time if he clinches the seat.

“Ukia-Emali road has taken a long time to be completed, as your MP I will pressure the National government to complete that road,” said Kyungu.

On his part, immediate Kathonzweni MCA, Francis Mutungi, who eyeing the seat as an independent also promised to follow up on that road.

Mutungi added that he will prioritise on youth employment adding that his office will award National Government Constituency Development Fund NGCDF) tenders and projects to local contractors only in order to boost the economy in the area.

Other candidates prioritized the road among other projects promises include Daniel Nzeki (ODM), Daniel Mutuku (Narck), Lawrence Nzung’a (Muungano) and Fred Musau (Independent)



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