Be good role models to your children, Bishop urges young adults

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a Rt Rev James Maria Wainaina has implored on the young adults who are parents to be good role models to their children and the younger generation in the society.

Speaking to thousands of young adults at St Peters PIAI Catholic Parish, Sunday during the celebration of the annual Young Adults Catholic Association (YACA) day, the Bishop noted that for stronger and healthy family units the young adults who are in the child-bearing age need to model their families on the Holy family of Nazareth.

“The family unit is today facing many challenges but as young parents you must strive to bring up your children in light and truth and strive to learn from the family of Bible characters, Joseph, Mary and Jesus,” observed bishop Wainaina.

Wainaina further urged the young parents especially couples to live in peace with each other, to communicate respectfully within the family unit and seek guidance in times of conflicts.

“Children deserve protection, affection and love. If you are unable to control your emotions in times of conflicts, the children will pick that up and it will affect them psychologically in their later years. Kindly show them well,” he added.

“Consequently you must endeavor to serve as an example inspiring the children to live meaningful lives,” he noted.

“Show them to live with determination, hope amidst the world’s dark moments, integrity and how to be compassionate human beings” he advised.

YACA is a catholic group that brings together young adults falling between the youth and the catholic men and women groups. In the catholic diocese of Murang’a, the vibrant YACA group has 2245 members drawn from the diocese’s 51 parishes.

The group holds an annual celebration every 28th of August to coincide with commemoration of the feast day of St Augustine of Hippo, the groups’ patron saint.

Bishop Wainaina also commended the young adults for their commitment to the church.



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