Bingwa launches app to connect professional Service technicians with households

Popular open market platform “Bingwa” has launched an app, aimed at connecting professional service technicians with households.

Speaking during the premier forum at the Bingwa Centre on Kandara Road Nairobi, Bingwa Services Director, Njihia Njoroge, explained that the app works for homeowners by providing them the largest possible number of highly qualified professional technicians for their needs.

“The Bingwa app we are launching today will help electricians, plumbers and painters to grow their businesses, increase their customer base and also incomes,” said the services director.

Njihia noted that all the professional technicians are tested and carry relevant academic credentials for their profession.

“Bingwa emphasizes reliability and convenience for household residents who struggle to balance work and other demands with home maintenance,” he said.

“Leave it to us to provide disciplined, predictable and consistent technicians to repair and maintain your home,” he added.

Njihia said that the major goal of the app is to make users aware of the importance of using professional technicians to safely and reliably repair and maintain electrical, plumbing and painting works in their homes.

“A lot needs to change, every year there are more than 50,000 fires, 500 accidents as well as countless injuries and illnesses resulting from poor quality in installations and electrical and water faults in Kenyan homes,” said the services director.

“It’s time people start trusting professionals to tackle their needs,” he added

Njihia stated that the app will involve safety experts from Kenya Power, National Youth Service (NYS) Training School, Department of Safety and Health as well as Water Sanitation and Hygiene services.

Peter Wafula, an early adopter of the Bingwa app dubbed it, Uber for Home Services.

“People should try out the app, which will reduce risks and increase satisfaction, through the app my understanding of the importance of reliable home services has greatly increased,” said Wafula.



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