Businessmen disappearance stirs political acrimony  

A parliamentary aspirant for Saku constituency in Marsabit County on a Wiper Party ticket has cautioned that a campaign against the Azimio presidential candidate is in the offing unless the government explains the whereabouts of two local businessmen who disappeared six months ago.

Alexander Barille issued a two weeks ultimatum to produce Roba Abduba Seleqa and Kunni Halanka Elle else he will launch a campaign against the election of Azimio-One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Talking to the press in Marsabit town,Barille said it was the responsibility of the government to protect the lives and property of all Kenyans and such clarification was required over the alleged abduction and disappearance of the two.

The aspirant who is also a human rights activist pointed out that Raila Odinga was cooperating with the Jubilee administration which is in turn supporting his candidature and as such should push for justice of the two entrepreneurs and their families.

“We are going to wage a rigorous campaign against the Azimio presidential candidate unless the issue which has given this community and the families an untold suffering is resolved,” he said.

He noted that the government has been quiet regarding the abduction in Nairobi in the month of February this year making it impossible to tell if they were in custody of law enforcement agencies or were taken away by criminals.

He warned that the Marsabit community will not wish away the issue without knowing the fate of the two and called on the government to produce and charge them in a court of law for any wrong doing and if not set them free.

The duo was reportedly abducted in two separate incidents in Nairobi by people said to have been armed with guns. Seleqa was reported missing on February 2, this year after he was taken away by unknown armed people at Green Valley shopping centre while Elle allegedly was abducted on February 7, 2022 along Likoni Road.

The politician noted that the families of the two businessmen were in pain and called on the government to break the silence by giving information on the whereabouts of the two.

He cautioned that a campaign against the candidature of Raila Odinga will be imminent unless the desired action is taken as supporting his candidature would be an act of okaying impunity.

However he said that he would still seek election as the Member of Parliament for Saku constituency on a Wiper ticket.

His top priority if elected would be provision of water, security and restoration of peace, which he said have eluded the constituents for a long time.



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