Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma issues 74,000 titles deed to Kitui residents

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Dr. Monica Juma has issued 74,000 title deeds in Kitui in the ongoing government effort to issue the vital document to people who have waited for them for years

Speaking at Musila Gardens in Mwingi Town after issuing the title deeds, the Energy and Petroleum CS noted that President Kenyatta is keen on addressing historical land injustices before he leaves office after the August 9 general elections.

“Our President, Uhuru Kenyatta has your interests at heart, he is determined to bring you these land title deeds as an assurance that he is committed to ending the historical land injustices which has been hindering development in the region,” said Juma.

The CS explained that issuance of title deed is the only way to address historical land injustice in the county.

She, however, warned beneficiaries not to sell off land immediately they are issued with title deeds saying the land is their asset and will help spur development in the area.

The CS added that the residents can now take loans from financial institutions using their title deeds and develop them.

“You can take loan from financial institutions, use it to for development, start business as well as paying school fees for your children,” added CS.

“I am also happy seeing women and youths picking title deeds and owning land, it’s an indication that these titles will have an impact to this community,” CS stated.

She added that the title deeds are given for free and no one should pay to get one.

Kitui County Commissioner Mbogai Rioba thanked the government for the assurance of the title deeds saying the title will spur development in an area where historical land injustices has been rampant.

Rioba noted that this is a way of ending conflict related to land ownership in the area.

“I am thankful to President Kenyatta for these title deeds, our people now have security for their land and can now go ahead to develop them without any fear,” said Rioba.

He confirmed that his team of local administrators will ensure the remaining lot from the 74,000 title deeds will be distributed to owners before next Wednesday, July 20.

The CS was also accompanied by Mwingi Deputy County Commissioner Catherine Njoroge, Kitui County Police Commander Leah Kithei, and Khadija Sharif critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) among other top government officials.



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