Matatu operators double fare as learners go back to school

Matatu operators in Maua town doubled the fare to capitalise on the opening of schools.

The Maua stage was congested with learners awaiting to see whether the matatu operators would lower the fare to normal.

The operators charged Sh500 as opposed to the normal Sh250 from Maua to Meru town leaving majority of students stranded.

The parents decried the hiked fare and called upon the government to intervene in regulation of matatu sector terming it as exploitation of the public by the operators even as they grappled with the frequent payment of school fees occasioned by irregularity in school calendar due to corona pandemic.

They continued to lament that the worrying situation of fare hike would cause them to dig deeper into their pockets at this time they are struggling with high cost of living and raising school fees.

“The situation is chaotic for us parents since we have no option but to pay the double fare so that our children can report back to school,” lamented one of the parent Miriam Gitonga who had to pay Sh1000 for her two children instead of the usual Sh500.

Effort to reach the chairman of matatu operations in Maua town Mwenda Mugabe bore no fruition as he was not in the office and his colleagues remained noncommittal over the situation.



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