Catholic Bishop wants young people to use technology wisely

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a Right Rev. James Maria Wainaina has cautioned the young people against improper use of the internet, while encouraging them to use technology wisely.

Addressing hundreds of young people drawn from Mwea and Kianyaga deaneries, during the Annual youth mass at St. Peter Claver Mwea catholic Parish in Kirinyaga Saturday, Bishop Wainaina implored on the youth to use the internet to grow their skills in various fields.

“With the rapid advancement in technology today, the risk of involving yourself in harmful activities is very high, hence visiting internet sites that have negative harming influence should be avoided,” he observed.

“Instead that same technology can be used to learn a skill or two or to even harness your skills in the field you are passionate about,” added Wainaina.

“Consequently, that knowledge that you learn can be used for the greater good of humanity or to earn a decent livelihood, but it should not take a form of addiction or become a replacement for human relationships and even God,” he said.

The clegy said that Technology can be detrimental to human dignity if not used with conscience and caution and especially if human dignity is not at the center of its usage.

Wainaina further commended the youth from the two deaneries for their ongoing income generating project at Kagio, Kirinyaga county that involves construction of a three storey building containing 36 rental houses.

Meanwhile, the Bishop implored on the young people to maintain peace and resist the urge to be used to cause chaos after the Supreme Court’s verdict on the presidential election petition.

“The country has been peaceful before, during and after the August 9 polls, as we pray for the Judges to deliver a verdict solomonically decided upon, I urge you all to strive to keep peace with each other,” he said.



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