Changing phase of election Campaign

Researchers in Nakuru County are making inordinate amounts of money from politicians who have hired them to undertake detailed analyses to understand their voters in order to sway them from their competitors.

James Maina a researcher who works for various candidates said elections have increasingly become competitive and sophisticated, unlike in the past, which were won on the capacity to mudsling.

He said the amplified rivalry across all the electoral slots has created a need for candidates to engage in strategic communication to win the day. He was interviewed by Kna at his Viwanda office, where he has hired over 50 research assistants.

The researcher said to win a political duel, candidates must craft a campaign that seeks to dazzle and sell ideas that resonate with the local voters. And, to achieve that they have branded vehicles to increase their visibility.

He said through research they assist the candidates to package distinct messages, and evaluating voter priorities, fears, and expectations of their preferred leader.

Maina said, “Through research, the candidate is able to appreciate the opponent’s set up, selling points and the past voting patterns of the area.”

Also, he said the past campaign setups, used to be based on a wide net casting effort. But, with the advent of social media and a general youthful electorate, they assist their candidates in micro-target messages.

He noted that micro-targeting works by reaching out to individual political trigger points since voters are not homogenous due to personal values, opinions, attitudes and lifestyles.

Maina gave an example of a household that may have occupants who support different parties, and hence the need to address specific voter concerns based on precise elements that may differ from ward to ward, and constituency to constituency.

He said the involvement of researchers reduced the thuggery and acrimonious party nominations, and it assists candidates to reconsider unnecessary voter bribery.



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