Six Arrested in Homa Bay over Theft

Detectives in Homa Bay town have arrested six suspects linked to theft and of household items that have been reported in the area recently.

The suspects have reportedly been operating as a gang engaging in
robbery with violence, burglary and other criminal activities.

Speaking to the media today, Homa Bay Directorate of Criminal Investigations Commander Abed Kavoo said they tracked down the suspects after getting reports about such incidents. They extended their operations to Migori, Kisii and Kisumu counties where they managed to arrest the suspects.

“The suspects are under interrogation and we expect them to name their accomplices before they are arraigned. We urge residents to continue reporting such cases to police for investigations,” he added.

Kavoo said that recently, Homa Bay police stations have received many cases of theft and he was shocked to learn that some of his staff have fallen victims to the gang.

“Homa Bay has become a centre of theft and burglary perpetuated by a gang of criminals. It’s unfortunate that some of my staff are also suspects,” Kavoo said.

He said reports indicate they break in and steal electronics like TVs, fridges and gas cookers, hoofers, basins, cutleries and other household items.

The six suspects who are detained at the police station include two who are buyers of the stolen items while the others are members of the gang.

Churches and mosques which are places of worship have also been targets of robbery by the suspects who steal their public address systems.

The DCI commander stated that each group has an expert in riding motorcycles which they use in their operations and they have adopted Islamic names to hide their identity.

“Some are people who are known by residents. Most of them do other duties during the day including riding motorcycles but turn to criminal activities at night,” he said.

He added that some of the thugs don uniforms of police officers which they want to establish the sources of such attire.



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