Chief warns girls against early sexual involvement

As students are set to break for their holidays in a few days, girls in South Kabuoch Ward of Ndhiwa Sub-County have been cautioned against engaging in premature sex.

Kabuoch location Chief, Bob Ouma said girls in the region have the habit of experimenting on sexual activities, which he attributed to the increasing cases of early pregnancies.

He said young girls are usually enticed by their male peers and older men to engage in immoral acts that disrupt their education and future life.

According to the latest statistics of 2020, Homa Bay County was ranked second in cases of teenage pregnancies in the country with 13,644 cases. Ndhiwa sub-county recorded the highest number of the same.

Speaking to KNA, Chief Ouma directed parents to ensure they directly report to him in cases where they suspect that their children have developed questionable or unusual behaviors saying that immediate action will be taken to bring them back on the right track.

“I would like to call upon any parent whose child has decided to hide and spend nights away from their homesteads, to report such cases without delay for swift action,” said Ouma.

The administrator added that any parent who will not adhere to the directive will be answerable to the law jointly with the perpetrators.

Chief Ouma expressed fears that such immoral behavior would rise given that it is only a week away before the onset of the holidays and urged parents to look out for any change in behavior while their children are on school break.

He added that they should also strive to keep their children busy by engaging them on some chores while at home.

“The pupils are always given assignments when going for the holidays. Kindly ensure that your child does the holiday assignments as well as keeping them busy in household chores to prevent them from idling and loitering around in the village,” said the chief.

He encouraged them to prepare themselves financially during the holiday to avoid cases where students are sent back home after schools reopen again due to fees arrears.



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