Church urges politicians to shun from divisive politics 

The National Prayer committee has urged politicians to shun contentious politics and preach peace during this electioneering period.

The Committee held prayers at the Bomet Green Stadium under the theme of love for the nation and the people of Bomet.

Speaking in Bomet, the Chairman of the Peace Caravan Bishop, Jesse Ireri, urged Bomet leaders to embrace peace and unity during their campaigns, to ensure a violence free August General Election in the Country.

“We have been traversing throughout the 47 counties in the Country and Bomet is the forty second (42nd) County we have landed, preaching about peace and urging Kenyans to embrace unity to transform our nation,” said Bishop Ireri.

He affirmed that the government in conjunction with churches have put in place mediation teams, to solve conflicts that have been arising between different communities in different parts of the Country.

“The union of churches in Kenya and our Government have been working closely and we have technical mediation teams, through this, we can solve our misunderstanding without chaos. Let us embrace peace,” urged the bishop.

The Bishop also urged Kenyans to elect leaders of integrity and authorities which can bring positive change and development to the County.

Bomet County Commissioner, Ms Beverly Opwora, who also attended the prayers confirmed to area residents that the government has given peace priority within the County.

Ms Opwora said that her office has given peace priority in her area where she has organised peace conferences at different levels of administration in the County.

“The government is giving peace first priority, we have embarked on peace conferences both in our divisions, at the Sub-county level and even at the County level,” Ms Opwora explained.

The Administrator also thanked the union of churches through the National Prayers Committee for organizing the National Peace Caravan across the County.

Area leaders, including former Governor and Chama Cha Mashinani Party leader, Isaac Ruto, Deputy Governor, Shadrack Rotich and aspiring Governor, Benard Mutai, attended the event.

The climax of The National Peace Caravan will be national prayers in Kasarani Stadium on Saturday 28 this month, where people from all over the country are expected to attend.



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