Closed livestock market reopened after peace was restored

Samburu County Commissioner (CC) Henry Wafula yesterday led national and county government officials in reopening Lonkunuani livestock market in Samburu East after it was shut down for three months due to insecurity.

Speaking to KNA after the event the CC said that the decision to open the market was reached after peace was restored in the area to ensure the safety of merchants who come from as far as Meru county to buy and sell their wares every Thursday.

Wafula noted that before the closure, armed morans would raid the market and steal money, food and livestock from the merchants.

He however said that the county security committee came up with a peace formula between the local council of elders, the morans and members of the community on how to maintain peace.

“The closure greatly affected the local community which solely relies on livestock selling, also affected was revenue collection for the Samburu county government so the government had to be firm to find a lasting peace solution,” Wafula said.

Locals also appreciated the move to re-open the market saying it’s the biggest in the county and attracts good livestock prices because of buyers who come from different counties.

At the same time the County Commissioner warned residents in Samburu north to surrender illegal firearms or face the full force of the law.

This is after one person was shot and killed in Baragoi and several others were injured after some members of Samburu and Turkana communities clashed on Tuesday evening.

“Surrender those illegal firearms now and let the government to legally solve disputes in Baragoi,” he warned.



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