Contractors under pressure to complete CBC classrooms before August 9

Contractors engaged to build phase two CBC classrooms in Murang’a County are under pressure to complete the works before the August 9 polls.

All the 112 classrooms slotted for the county and being constructed in 68 secondary schools are expected to be commissioned before the general election.

Currently, more than 15 classrooms have been commissioned with the majority others expected to be commissioned by the end of this week.

Murang’a County Director of Education Ms Anne Kiilu told KNA Monday, members of the county CBC implementation committee have been deployed to inspect the progress of the works.

She said most of the classrooms are at walling stage and by next Monday they expect the project to be completed.

“We are satisfied with the progress in construction of CBC classrooms phase two and hope by the deadline, all classrooms will be commissioned,” added Kiilu.

Murang’a East sub county was allocated three classrooms in phase two, which have already been completed and commissioned.

“Nyakihai secondary school was allocated two classrooms and Mirira School was allocated one classroom. The two schools are in Murang’a East Sub County and the buildings are completed and commissioned,” stated Kiilu.

In Gatanga Sub County, which was allocated 20 classrooms, four of them are complete and commissioned.

Other sub counties which have been allocated more than 15 classrooms include Kahuro, Kandara and Murang’a south.

The government is committed to ensure the classrooms are ready before next year so as to host junior secondary schools.

In phase 1, the government constructed 234 classrooms in Murang’a County in readiness to host junior secondary schools.



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