County boss warns against the reckless use of social media during campaigns 

Laikipia County Commissioner (CC) Joseph Kanyiri has warned residents against using social media networks to malign others during this campaign period.

Kanyiri said that it was an offense punishable by law to defame or slander someone on social media due to perceived political affiliation or differences.

Speaking in Nanyuki Stadium on Wednesday when he led the County in marking this year’s Madaraka day celebrations, the County Commissioner further warned that authorities were on the lookout for individuals misusing social media networks to tarnish others with a view of apprehending those found responsible.

“Be warned that action will be taken to any person found maligning another on these social networks, therefore I urge all of you to desist from the same or the law will catch up with you,” he said.

The CC challenged residents especially the youth to use the social networks responsively to create jobs such as advertising merchandise for sale as well as posting on job openings that could benefit the unemployed and the society.

Kanyiri further said that security agencies in the area were on high alert and on the lookout for those intending or causing political violence and warned that they would be arrested immediately.

“Let us have peaceful campaigns, there is no need for violence. Everyone should be on the lookout for politicians fanning violence and avoid their gatherings,” he advised.

Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi who was also present called for political tolerance saying that there was no need for mudslinging due to different political affiliations.

Politics is not about enmity, if someone differs from you, all you can do is just try to persuade him or her to support your preferred candidate for any particular seat. There’s no need for insults or violence over political persuasion,” Governor Ndiritu said.

The governor who is seeking reelection for his second term also outlined his achievements in his first term in office among them, reduced business license fees, improvement of infrastructure under the ‘Smart Towns Initiative Programme’ the successful floating of the Sh. 1.1 billion infrastructure bond and the Sh. 3 billion economic stimulus programme of subsidized loans to lend local business people to revive their businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ndiritu said that if reelected to the office, his administration would create 50,000 jobs by doubling business registration, increasing the Economic Stimulus Package to Sh. 20 billion, rehabilitate 230 dams, and connect over 40,000 households with clean water.



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