County to construct open air markets in Bomet

Bomet Governor Prof. Hillary Barchok has commissioned the sh 4.98 million Sigor open air 24-stall market that will provide shelter to business people and customers from the vagaries of weather.

Speaking at the market, Barchok said the move was aimed at improving the standard of the market and promised to build more similar open air markets across the county.

“My administration has embarked on the process of constructing open-air markets across the County to help our people earn income,” Barchok said.

He asked the youth, women and men of business mind to join groups so that they benefit from government funds like uwezo funds, women enterprise funds among other kitty so as to improve their livelihoods.

“I am urging Youth and women from our county to form groups, through these registered groups they will be able to get loans from the government to start business in order to improve their livelihood,” said the governor.

“We know the benefit that comes along with Markets like Sigor when resources are invested, People benefit and that is why we are working close to ensure this is happening around the County,” he added.

He hinted at soon opening a sales yard that is also situated at Sigor town saying that would help in improving businesses.

Markets that have been consistently providing revenue to the county are Mulot market, Chebunyo market, Bomet town Market, Sotik market, Silibwet market, Kapkwen market and Kapsimotwo markets that need to be improved in terms of infrastructure.



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