Devolve Services to Sub County Level to Benefit Us, Youth Tells State

The youth from Migori County have called upon the government through the State department of youth to further devolve services offered to them to Sub County level so as to ensure no youth is left out in development programmes.

The appeal was made during a half-day engagement session involving the Office of the Government Spokesperson, state department for youths and Migori youths on the assessment of government’s supports programmes to the youth.

Mr Joseph Nyapete, who is the Youth President in Migori County stated that most of their youths are located far away from the County headquarters hence making it difficult to access services which the government has availed to develop the youngsters.

“When it comes to youth funds, the youngsters need information at their doorsteps. Therefore, the government can see into it to rollout such offices at the sub County levels so that these young people can get access to vital information concerning the available financial kitties,” said Nyapete.

He also appealed to the government to construct a model youth empowerment centre where they can all programmes centralised which will hence expose the young majority citizens in the county.

However, Nyapete noted that such engagement forum was beneficial as it gives the youth opportunity to air their views directly to the government officers.

“At the same time, the resolutions and recommendations they give will be put into consideration as it is received on a first hand basis from youths,” he added.

Migori County director of youths Mr Akoko Jonah noted that the forum was an opportunity for the government officers to have a one-on-one contacts with the youths over the government services that the youth get, how they get them, what is missing and how they can improve the services.

Akoko outlined that so far, the government has given out over of Sh700 million to youth in the region through his department, with Sh90 million advanced inform of grants and around Sh630 million paid out in form of loans.

He underscored the fact that such funds given out under the Kenya Youth Employment Opportunity Project (KYEOP), government affirmative funds like Uwezo Funds, Youth Enterprise Development Funds and Women Enterprise Fund, had already changed the lives of many youth in the area.

Akoko however lamented that a number of the targeted youth still suffer from lack of access to information about the various government initiatives which are laid to benefit and empower them.

An official from the Office of the Government Spokesperson, Mr Muchiri Karanja, who was standing in for the Government Spokesperson Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna, noted that the youth engagement forum is core in getting the real picture of the problems dogging the youth of this nation who are the majority and the future leaders.

Karanja said that the government has invested millions on various youth projects and programmes with its key focus on uplifting the youth from the rising unemployment crisis.

He demystified the previous narrative especially from the youth that it is the people who should come out to seek services from the government and instead stated that it was time for the government to climb down and talk to the citizenry one-on-one over the listed state services.

“We know that for a long time, people have been going to the government for services, now we are seeing a situation where the government is coming to talk to the people and the youth, telling them there is hope and only take a little step to get served,” he stated.



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