Family seeks answers after student goes missing from school

A family in Kakamega is seeking answers from Kakamega school over the disappearance of their child under unclear circumstances.

The family which was denied entry into the school claims their 17-year-old boy Nevile Muuka, who was in form three went missing while in school as the administration fails to co-operate.

The family has recorded a statement with the police over the disappearance after seeking support from Haki Africa.

A close family friend, Fredrick Omolo, said the parents of the student have started looking for their child hoping that they will find him alive.

He also asked the public to help in tracing their son when they come across him. He described the boy as quiet, peaceful and without any record of misconduct or indiscipline in school.

“We are just requesting the school to order their steps and tell us where exactly our son is. He could not have left school without the authority of the administration,” he noted.

The sister of the student Valary Muhavi who could not contain herself while speaking to the media said her brother is tall, slim and dark .

She said according to the administration, his brother was last seen in school on August 24 noting that the school failed to disclose the reasons and circumstances that led to his disappearance.

She said her brother has been sick since Monday last week and the mother was informed and later that day sent money for medication.

The mother then followed up to know the condition of the child on Wednesday evening. While trying to reach out to the school on Friday, she was told that the student left for home.

After the mother was told the student was missing, they went to the school on Saturday morning but they were denied access to the school.

A rapid response officer at Haki Africa, Fredrick Odhiambo demanded that the school administration provide information of the missing student and assist in tracing him.

“It cannot just happen that somebody disappears from school and there is no trace,” he noted. He asked for speedy investigation to trace the missing student.

Milton Isanya, a medic in Kakamega and an uncle to the student said that the missing student reported to school like other students on 18th August.

Isanya wondered why the student went missing yet the school has a digital tool that sends an alert to the parent once a student leaves school indicating the time and day.

He said they never received any alert on whether their child left school and they only found out when the mother called on Friday last week to know about his health condition.

He also raised concern on why the class teacher failed to inform the parent when the student missed classes from Wednesday when he went missing until Friday.



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