Four arrested over Sunday political violence in Homa Bay

Four suspects have been arrested by police in Homa Bay County in connection with a Sunday incident of political violence that left a number of people with injuries.

The suspects are alleged to have been involved in a political violence at Wagwe village in North Karachuonyo ward on Sunday following a confrontation between supporters of Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga and Dr. Evans Kidero, a former Nairobi Governor.

The incident is purported to be as a result of political rivalry between the two who are candidates contending for the Homa Bay gubernatorial seat.

The violence saw a number of people sustain serious injuries on their heads after being assaulted with crude weapons and 18 motorcycles destroyed.

The area Sub County Police Commander Lydia Parteiyie confirmed that the four were arrested at different locations in Rachuonyo North.

“The suspects are in our custody and have been accused of causing political violence on Sunday,” she said.

The police boss explained that they had received statements from three people who had sustained injuries during the incident.

“We have three statements recorded regarding the injuries but we still expect others to come forward and do the same,” she said.

She added that upon completion of investigations, the suspects will be arraigned in court. “We are still interrogating them but they must be arraigned in court,” said the police commander.

The two political aspirants accused one another of being responsible for the violence that led to injuries on their supporters.

Each of them claimed that their supporters were attacked during the incident.



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