Government committed to ensure all children access education

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has urged Secondary schools’ principals to accept all students who have been admitted regardless of whether they have enough school fees or not.

He also asked parents to enroll their children to schools with the money they have as they look for more funds while observing that a number of students have not yet reported.

Magoha, while speaking at Kakamega High School also advised parents not bother about changing the admission of their children to other schools which they deemed better than others.

“The government has provided enough facilities and funds to schools with competent teachers to provide the same quality of education that will guarantee a better future for your children so don’t rush to seek admission in other schools,” he noted.

On government scholarship, Prof Magoha said President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the Ministry to focus on the children in the slums and those who are from extremely poor families.

“In this regard, for the last two years we have issued 18,000 scholarships to children from vulnerable families,” he noted.

He said that officials from the Ministry of Education were set to identify students to benefit from the government’s 9,000 scholarships this year that would cater for their four years of secondary education.

“My instructions to principles is very simple. Once you identify a child from a vulnerable family, you must admit them and facilitate the child with uniform and other materials as the government works to provide scholarship for them,” he directed.

The CS also asked principles to balance between admitting students to form one and ensuring registration for the three Nationals exams of Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA), Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education is completed on time.

“The government is concerned and what we want is correct details for us to know the exact number of students who will sit for the national exams,” he noted.

He regretted that Principals and Head teachers have not been keen on registering students for the national exams warning that the registration exercise won’t be extended beyond May 14.

“I commend Kapsabet Boys High School for registering all its 487 students while Kakamega Primary school has already registered 560 children for KCPE and more than 1000 for KPSEA,” he said.



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