Government improves security on critical infrastructure

Enough security officers under the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit, will be deployed to take care of critical government installations and infrastructure in Kakamega County.

Kakamega County Commissioner, John Ondego, issued firm instructions to the security officers to protect the vital installations, especially electric power lines and transformers, water pipes and intakes, government hospitals among others, against vandalism.

He said unauthorized persons should not carry out any activities on the installations and the staff should provide proof of a badge and authorized letters to be given access to undertake any activity.

The Commissioner, who is the Chair of the County Development and Implantation Coordination Committee (CDICC), was speaking after leading the Team in touring several water infrastructure projects undertaken by the Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency in Mumias and Navakholo Sub-counties.

He said destruction of government infrastructure and installations, is considered economic sabotage, which will not be condoned.

“We are working together with the energy sector, water and hospitals staff, such that we are going to provide security to all those vital installations,” he disclosed.

The Commissioner said the Security Committee has mapped out all the government installations and infrastructure and identified their locations for monitoring and provision of security.

On electricity, Ondego said the government has devised a method of adapting all the 2104 transformers in Kakamega and to incorporate community members in taking care of the ones prone to vandalism.

The Committees, composed of assistant chiefs, village elders and community members, will be tasked to ensure only authorized personnel have access to the transformers and electric power lines in the area, by providing proof of being employees of Kenya Power Company before being allowed to carry out repairs or maintenance.

“We are also appealing to members of the public to be on the lookout, such that should they see any suspicious character around those vital installations, then they should be able to alert security apparatus immediately, so that they take action,” he added.



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