Elect more Women, Njoro MP urge voters

Njoro member of Parliament, Charity Kathamb, has appealed to voters to support and elect more women during the August General Election in order to accelerate rural development and benefit society.

Speaking during a campaigning tour of the constituency, Kathambi said before she became the MP for Njoro there were very few women. At the time, water was the major problem due to the destruction of the environment.

She said to address the environmental degradation and the water problem, she spearheaded the formation of Beyond One Billion Community-based Organization that has seen the establishment of tree nurseries that have improved the environment besides earning members an income.

Kathambi said as a member of the Departmental Committee on Environment and Natural Resources in parliament, she has continually championed the conservation of the Mau Forest because it’s an important water tower for the entire country.

In addition, she said fighting climate change and ensuring improved farming technologies requires more women at all levels of leadership; from the County Assemblies, Parliament and Senate since a majority of them get their income from growing crops.

She at the same time noted that for the two-thirds constitutional gender requirement to be achieved in the next parliament, voters should make concerted efforts of electing more women countrywide.

Also, she said voting-in more women will raise their status and accelerate development stressing though women form 50 per cent of the population their input at leadership levels has been minimal since independence.

She urged youths not to replicate the usual scenario, where they are used by politicians as tools of violence. She also prevailed upon all leaders to carry out peaceful campaigns.



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