Government to curb fraud in land matters through digitization

The Government has digitized all land registration in a move aimed at curbing fraud.

Cabinet Secretary for Sports Amina Mohammed, while speaking in Kakamega county during issuance of free title deeds by the national government under its land titling programme, said through Ardhisasa land management system, citizens will be able to easily access credible, reliable and efficient land based services.

Amina revealed that the Ardhisasa online service had been successfully piloted and deployed in Nairobi County and the services will soon be rolled out across all the other counties countrywide.

“The system ensures integration of all departments involved in land matters, including Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Itax platform” she said.

The CS announced that the national government has processed 129,784 land title deeds for Kakamega County alone, but regretted that 61,460 land titles remain uncollected at the Kakamega County registrar’s office.

Amina cited Kakamega south, Kakamega North and Khwisero sub counties as leading in uncollected land title deeds.

“All the uncollected land title deeds will be deployed at all Deputy County Commissioners offices for collection” she added.

The CS said that the government is in the process of processing a number of land schemes that were previously under government forests to enable the affected residents to also get their titles.

Among the schemes are Mautuma central, Shibiringa, Shilelo, Ishiru and Virembe ‘A’.

The government embarked on the digitization of all land processes in 2013 and since then a record of over 6 million land titles have been processed.

“Since independence to 2012, the government had only issued 5.6 million titles, but since 2013 to date a record over 6 million titles have been processed” she added.

The CS said it was in the interest of the government that all land owners have land title deeds to enable them to utilize their lands to uplift their economic well-being.

Speaking at the same function, Kakamega County Commissioner John Ondego urged the residents to use the vital documents to utilize their lands.

“Do not allow the issuance of these land titles to cause a rift in your families, but instead seek resolution through the Ministry of Lands and the national government officials.



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