Gubernatorial candidate outlines Sports’ Manifesto

A candidate vying for the Wajir Gubernatorial seat Siyad Abdullahi has highlighted the sports’ agenda he will put in place if elected to lead the County on August 9th.

Abdullahi said that he plans to establish a County Youth Talent Academy in all the wards and introduce a County Sports Talent Academy whose function would be to identify talent and provide necessary support through sponsorship.

“I will also ensure that we have a working county league and also promote inter sub-County sports championships. My government will also establish a sporting heroes’ benevolent fund,” said Abdullahi on Monday in Wajir town.

“We will invest in sports participation by women, girls and people with disabilities and establish a Sports Business Council to develop new business strategies and improve access to finance and skill development,” reiterated the gubernatorial aspirant.

Noting that sports is part of the Country’s national identify, Abdullahi emphasized the importance of sports as it teaches children to raise up to challenges, nurture character and enhance discipline.

“Sports encourage us to lead healthier and more active lives. Furthermore, sports is fun and brings us together as a community,” said Abdullahi.

The candidate who is vying for the County’s top job on a Wiper ticket under the Azimio la Umoja coalition noted that his agenda could only be realized with permission of the people of Wajir County if they vote for him on Tuesday, 9th August 2022.



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