Locals will reap big in tenders if I am elected the governor, says Lusaka

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka has pledged to empower locals by streamlining the trade loan to ensure that it helps the youth and women groups in wards to start businesses.

Lusaka said that if reelected for a second term, he will also use his position as the county boss to empower locals by giving them tenders to expand their businesses.

Speaking at Kufwela command center in Bungoma town when he met business operators at the weekend, Lusaka said that the current Wangamati leadership sorely awards tenders to companies from other regions, yet devolution was meant to benefit locals.

The Ford Kenya aspirant also faulted Wangamati’s administration for failing to repair the security lights that were installed during his tenure to serve business operators in Bungoma County.

Lusaka urged western region to rally behind Ruto’s statehouse bid saying that he has a good agenda of transforming the country through his bottom up economic model.

“Ruto is the only presidential aspirant that has come to the grassroots to hear local grievances and that is the quality of a good leader,” Lusaka added.

He urged Bungoma residents to support his bid to become the governor, assuring business operators of building them new markets and lowering the high taxes imposed to them by the current Wangamati leadership.



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