Health PS Urges People to Go for Coronavirus Jab

Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache says the most effective way of fighting coronavirus is through vaccination.

The PS stated that although it has been emphasised that people observe the containment measures including washing hands, sanitising and wearing face masks, vaccination is given priority as it creates immunity in the body.

Mochache, who spoke while re-launching the national vaccination exercise at the Vihiga County Referral Hospital (VCRH), said the reinstatement of the covid-19 protocols has been prompted by recurrence of the infection incidents that are now in hundreds daily across the country.

She disclosed that 11 patients are currently on life supporting machines while others exhibiting its symptoms have been admitted at various hospitals.

The PS pointed out that by the end of the year 2021, they had administered 10.1 million doses of which 4.2 million people were fully vaccinated while 5.9 were partially vaccinated.

“We project to vaccinate the entire population of 27 million eligible adults and 5.8 million teenagers aged 15-17 by the end 2022,” she stated.

She lamented that so far only 30 percent of the eligible adults have been vaccinated against the target of 70 per cent projected by the end of this month due to misinformation about the vaccine that has discouraged the uptake.

“There have been unfounded claims that the vaccine leads to reproductive disorders like infertility and other health complications which have made people avoid it,” she explained.

Governor Dr Wilber Ottichilo said 185, 000 of the 343, 000 people targeted in the county were vaccinated in the first phase, translating to 54 per cent coverage.

He encouraged the residents to go for the jab now that the disease is gradually recurring so as to stay safe.

Dr Ottichilo said his administration has recently employed 12 medical officers in a bid to boost the provision of services to the people.



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