Killer Enziu River Bridge under  construction

Eastern regional commissioner Evans Achoki has directed a contractor of bridge at killer Enziu River in Mwingi region in Kitui County to complete the bridge construction in one year time as per the contract agreement.

Speaking yesterday when he visited the site to inspect the bridge construction works, Achoki said that no more deaths should occur while crossing flooding river during rains seasons.

The Eastern regional boss reiterated the government’s commitment to go full throttle in ensuring the 30 million shillings bridge construction works is completed by December this year to end the misery for locals plying the Nguni-Nuu road that traverses through the killer river.

In Decembe last year, St Joseph’s Seminary bus carrying Mwingi Catholic Church choir members headed to a wedding in Nuu, drowned after the driver lost control of the 54-seater-bus midstream while attempting to steer through surging waters.

The deadly plunge claimed 32 lives whereas only 12 survivors, among them four children, were rescued from the bus, which got totally submerged few minutes after going over the edge of a narrow concrete drift constructed across the 50-meter-wide seasonal river.

“Government has also released the funding to the contractor and the contractor do not have any excuse of not completing the bridge construction works in time as per contract commitments” said Achoki.

A number of lives were being lost during every rainy seasons as local tries to cross over the flooded river along Nguni – Nuu Road.

The regional commissioner further inspected ongoing upgrading road work at the 30 kilometres Nguni – Nuu Road which is at 80 percent complete.

He noted that government will release remaining Sh230 million to the road contractor to ensure he also completed the road works in time.



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