Legislators call for tolerance during political campaigns

Two legislators have urged Kenyans to tolerate all aspirants despite their political divide and avoid causing chaos during political campaigns.

Murang’a County Woman Representative, Sabina Chege and Matungulu MP Stephen MuleL, have condemned hired goons who are disrupting some aspirants’ political rallies.

Speaking in Murang’a on Friday, the two MPs accused some politicians who are hiring people to disrupt and cause mayhem of their opponents’ rallies.

Mule condemned several incidents where some politicians have been booed by residents, saying if one is not a supporter of a particular candidate he can avoid attending his rally.

“There is no need to attend a political rally of an aspirant only to cause chaos, it’s better you avoid attending such rallies because causing chaos may lead to injuries and even loss of lives,” he added.

Mule said every aspirant is allowed by the law to campaign anywhere observing that residents need to maintain peace and embrace political tolerance.

Chege accused politicians who are fueling divisions among Kenyans, saying time for campaigns is coming to end and thereafter, residents will still continue interacting as neighbours.

Chege who is campaigning for Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga took a swipe on deputy president William Ruto saying he was to blame for the divisions in Mt Kenya region.

Chege argued Ruto was welcomed in the region by President Uhuru Kenyatta but instead of maintaining the unity he instigated hatred among the people and the leaders.

She said the region has never been divided as it is now with people rising against each other due to political differences.

“What hurts me most is that instead of keeping people united he has been working on dividing them. We even have our leaders who have been insulting the president who is the kingpin of the region which is really sad,” she added.

She however said the leaders who have been supporting Uhuru have been striving to seal the cracks and unite the people for them to speak in one voice.

“In three weeks’ time, the president shall be leaving office and we should ask ourselves where we shall be left as a region,” she said.

Chege said she is hopeful that the residents shall eventually embrace Odinga and vote for his presidency in the August poll.

“I am confident Odinga will be our next president and based on the assessment we have done in various parts of the country, he is enjoying massive support from the people,” she added.

Chege also said the opinion polls released recently indicating that Odinga is on the lead are true, slamming those who are disputing them.

“Those doubting the polls should face the reality and know this is what will happen on August 9 as that will be the defining moment,” she remarked.



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